Statutory Guidelines of Child Support in Maryland

Child support in MarylandChild support in Maryland has statutory guidelines. Pay particular attention to day care and health care insurance for children as well as corresponding costs. Judges cannot deviate from the amount of child support. Child support represents financial contributions coming from the non-custodial parent for expenses in raising the child. It includes basics like food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment.

Legal Obligation

Both parents have the legal responsibility to provide support for their child based on financial capacity. Child support guidelines in Maryland provide a formula calculator depending on the gross income of parents. Said guidelines will be employed unless either of the parents can prove that application of such procedures is unfair and unacceptable. The courts will decide regarding child custody and visitation and determine the amount of support that non-custodial parent must pay.

Child support payments may be integrated into the divorce ruling. These can also be provided for in any agreement for marital separation. It is possible to avoid making child support a disputed issue. In Maryland, if the court rules that there must be a deviation from guidelines because implementation will be “unjust or appropriate”, the court must place these findings in writing. Findings will contain amount demanded under these guidelines as well as serving the best interests of children arising from the discrepancy. These will also include value of items exchanged for money.

Child Support Guidelines

Guidelines for child support depend on state legislation. In Maryland, each child is entitled to this support until he or she reaches the age of 18 or emancipation. Federal and state governments impose child support enforcement to help families confirm paternity, get hold of and put into effect child support whenever necessary.

The Maryland child support calculator provides estimates based on relevant information. However, child support amount ordered by the court for specific cased may differ from estimates coming from this calculator. Calculators presume that all of the children live with only one parent. It does not make calculations in cases of joint physical guardianship or separate custody. The purpose of the calculator is to supply information. It is not tantamount to legal advice. A child support calculator is dependent on statutory guidelines and does not take into account unexpected expenses. The court will make the final decision regarding the amount of support to be given to a child. In case you need legal advice regarding child support, call us right away.