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Statutory Guidelines of Child Support in Maryland

Child support in Maryland has statutory guidelines. Pay particular attention to day care and health care insurance for children as well as corresponding costs. Judges cannot deviate from the amount of child support. Child support represents financial contributions coming from the non-custodial parent for expenses in raising the child. It includes basics like food, shelter, more »

Modification of Support Orders

Spouses seeking divorce will not want to compromise the welfare of their children. That is why Virginia laws put emphasis of Child Support concerns. Legislation requires both parents to provide financial support for basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. In this State, this order is usually terminated once the child turns eighteen and graduates more »

Common Mistakes of Divorcing Parents – part 2

In our last post about common mistakes that divorcing parents make, we discussed overly smothering your kids and not respecting their ages. Today, we’ll shed light on two more areas where divorcing parents frequently struggle. If you’re considering divorcing your spouse or are in need of assistance with your child custody case, don’t handle it more »

Common Mistakes of Divorcing Parents

Parenting is rough on its own. At times it can feel like a test of trial and error. But during a divorce, being a parent gets that much more challenging. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way, but with our tips about common parenting blunders below, you’ll have an idea of a more »

Education Law

Education Attorney in MD

Bach Family Law specializes in Education Law as it relates to schools, teachers and the rights of American students to a public education, as well as defending and supporting the standards for students attending private schools. By law, every child has the right to the equal opportunities of an education. This is especially true for more »

The MAPS Meeting

My child has an IEP/504 Plan and is moving from middle school to high school. How is the new school going to know what my child’s needs are? When your child matriculates from elementary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school, parents have the opportunity to participate in what is referred more »

Change of School Assignment (COSA) in Maryland

change of school

Students cannot choose the schools they want to attend. Students are assigned to the school in the school district where they reside. That is referred to as the “home school”. In order to qualify for a Change of School Assignment (COSA), the parent or guardian must show that there is a documented and unique hardship. more »