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Statutory Guidelines of Child Support in Maryland

Child support in Maryland

Child support in Maryland has statutory guidelines. Pay particular attention to day care and health care insurance for children as well as corresponding costs. Judges cannot deviate from the amount of child support. Child support represents financial contributions coming from the non-custodial parent for expenses in raising the child. It includes basics like food, shelter,…

Child Custody Evaluations

Parental Alienation, child custody

Parents who no longer live together often have a hard time deciding on child custody. This is especially true when parents have widely different parenting styles. If parents can’t agree on child custody and visitation, sometimes courts order a child custody evaluation. What is a child custody evaluation? A child custody evaluation is an investigation…

Legal Custody

Legal Sole Custody,Attorney in Maryland

Legal custody means the authority to make long-range decisions about a minor child’s health, education, welfare, religious needs, etc.  It is the lawful authority to parent a child. There are two types of legal custody: joint and sole. Joint legal custody means that both parents have equal control of the decision making for their child.…