Creating a sense of stability for kids during divorce

Divorce, Alimony, Child SupportDivorcing parents often wonder the best way to help kids cope with the changes that accompany divorce. It may sound simple, but a little structure goes a long way in helping kids feel safe and secure. At a time when so many things are different, it’s comforting for kids to know that some things will remain the same. Take a look at our tips below for giving your kids structure after your divorce.

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Creating routines

It’s widely accepted that younger kids benefit from established schedules and routines. But older children get a lot out of structure and consistency too. It’s comforting for kids of all ages to know what to expect from day to day. For instance, establishing the same pattern of school, followed by extra curricular activities, homework, dinner, free time, bath time, and then bed helps give kids a sense of stability.

While creating routines doesn’t mean you need super rigid schedules, it does mean that a system of rules and rewards should remain in play. Having set routines also keeps parents from allowing kids to break rules and become overly spoiled during a divorce.

Keeping both parents involved

It’s important to work together with your ex-spouse for the sake of your kids. Knowing that they’ll always have the love and support of both parents goes a long way in helping children feel at ease. While it may not always be easy to work with your ex, being civil with one another and taking care not to argue in front of your kids will go a long way in helping them feel safe and secure.

With these pointers, your transition to life after divorce can be as smooth as possible. And for legal help along the way, call us.