Common Mistakes of Divorcing Parents

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Parenting is rough on its own. At times it can feel like a test of trial and error. But during a divorce, being a parent gets that much more challenging. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way, but with our tips about common parenting blunders below, you’ll have an idea of a few behaviors to try to avoid.

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Being too smothering

It’s easy to do. Your kids are leaving for a week with your ex, and you treat them like they’re leaving the country for years. Overly affectionate or clingy goodbyes may postpone the inevitable for a few minutes, but they can make your kids a nervous wreck. Children need to feel like you know they’ll be fine during their time away and that you approve of them leaving.

Similarly, you don’t want to bombard your children with too many messages when they’re away. While it may be important to keep in touch with younger kids, be careful not to overdo it. Frequent calls, emails, and texts may keep kids from living in the present and fully experiencing life with their other parent.

Not respecting kids’ ages

Often times, divorcing parents want to chat with older teens as peers. Without a spouse, it can be challenging to find a new person to lean on. But let your kids be kids, and find an adult to vent to and draw comfort from instead.

Parents also want to baby the younger kids with constant hugs and kisses or by sharing the same bed. Don’t let your emotional needs get in the way of your kids’ best interests. Give them space, or they may become regressed or overly anxious.

Learn about more behaviors to avoid in our next parenting post, and for help navigating your divorce, call us today.