Common Mistakes of Divorcing Parents – part 2

Divorce ,Mediation, divorce lawyerIn our last post about common mistakes that divorcing parents make, we discussed overly smothering your kids and not respecting their ages. Today, we’ll shed light on two more areas where divorcing parents frequently struggle.

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Bad-mouthing your ex

When your kids are around, don’t disparage your ex. Complaining about what he or she fed the kids for dinner or the activities, or lack thereof, he or she planned for the kids while they were away won’t help the situation. Also, keep non-verbals in check. No eye rolling or silent sighs when your ex is mentioned and your kids are around.

We all need to talk and vent from time to time, but don’t feel compelled to share your divorce story with everyone. It may very well turn into gossip that gets back to your kids. Pick a few close confidants, and restrain yourself from ranting outside of that group.

Needing to be in constant control

Chances are you had to relinquish some control of your kids when they first started attending day care. And while it may be more jarring to turn them over to an ex-spouse, it’s time to accept the fact that you can’t always be with them. Don’t ask your kids a million questions about their time away with the hopes of finding something to criticize.

Similarly, don’t fly off the handle when your kids return with unsettling stories about what they were allowed to do while they were away. Take appropriate steps to manage the situation later when you’ve had time to calm down and collect your thoughts – and when your kids aren’t around.

With these pointers, you can ease into the transition of being a divorced parent. And for advice about your divorce or securing the child custody arrangement you want, call us today.