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4-Way Meetings

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A 4-way meeting is an opportunity for the parties to meet with their attorneys present to talk, to review and/or exchange documents, possibly review each other’s financial statement (if the parties agree to prepare them for the meeting), and to learn from one another what their relative positions are. A client and his/her attorney should…

Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Case

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Before Separation or Confrontation You must review a variety of documents with your attorney in order to evaluate your case, prepare yourself in advance of separation, prepare yourself to work toward a settlement, or prepare a suit for divorce. As a result, you must, at a minimum, obtain and retain the following documents in your…

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Domestic Violence , Attorney in Maryland

In Maryland domestic violence is defined by statute as “abuse” which consists of any one or more of the following acts: One that causes serious bodily harm, One that places a person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, An assault, A rape or attempted rape, False imprisonment, or Stalking. A document known as a…