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4-Way Meetings

4-way Mediation Meeting

A 4-way meeting is an opportunity for the parties to meet with their attorneys present to talk, to review and/or exchange documents, possibly review each other’s financial statement (if the parties agree to prepare them for the meeting), and to learn from one another what their relative positions are. A client and his/her attorney should…

Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Case

Divorce Papers

Before Separation or Confrontation You must review a variety of documents with your attorney in order to evaluate your case, prepare yourself in advance of separation, prepare yourself to work toward a settlement, or prepare a suit for divorce. As a result, you must, at a minimum, obtain and retain the following documents in your…

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Domestic Violence

In Maryland domestic violence is defined by statute as “abuse” which consists of any one or more of the following acts: One that causes serious bodily harm, One that places a person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, An assault, A rape or attempted rape, False imprisonment, or Stalking. A document known as a…