Family Law

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Alcohol and Pills

Alcohol and drug abuse issues should be dealt with in the same manner as anger management. It is important to get treatment immediately if a party/parent is possibly addicted to alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drug abuse will be a major hurtle for a parent to clear in any support, custody and/or visitation case. There more »

Grounds for Divorce

“Grounds for divorce” means a set of conditions a party must prove in court in order for a judge to grant a divorce. The most common of these grounds are the following: A mutual and voluntary separation which has lasted for at least a period of one year. The separation must have been made with more »

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Domestic Violence

In Maryland domestic violence is defined by statute as “abuse” which consists of any one or more of the following acts: One that causes serious bodily harm, One that places a person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm, An assault, A rape or attempted rape, False imprisonment, or Stalking. A document known as a more »

Anger Management, Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Anger Management

Issues such as anger management, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and mental health issues are often the root causes of marital discord which result in separation and/or divorce. In most, if not all, cases involving minor children, it is imperative to immediately seek evaluation and necessary treatment for all such challenges. These afflictions may dramatically damage more »

Can I Date?

Holding Hands

It is not advisable to begin a relationship with another person, whether it is sexual or not during the separation and/or divorce process. It is advisable to tell the potential boyfriend or girlfriend to remain out of the picture until the divorce case is settled or litigated to conclusion. While that may seem draconian, it more »