Tips For A Stress-Free Visitation Exchange

child visitation exchange,attorney,divorce lawyerAfter a recent divorce, it can be hard to adjust to having to coordinate child visitation with an ex-spouse. While some divorced couples remain amicable and friendly, others want to have as little as possible to do with one another. However, with our tips below, you can know exactly how to breeze through your visitation exchange.

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Follow the schedule and be prepared

Always arrive on time. You don’t want to leave your kids waiting around for you. While your ex-spouse may only find your frequent tardiness rude, a judge may consider it grounds for reducing your visitation time. And follow the arrangement that you’ve agreed to. Don’t change the meeting location or time at the last minute.

Also know what you’ll need, and have it ready for the exchange. Coming with necessary scheduling information, homework and supplies, etc. will help the exchange go as smoothly as possible.

Play nice

Don’t talk about child support or issues you have with your ex-spouse with your children present. Similarly, leave negative comments about ex-spouses out of conversations you have with your kids. There’s no need to bring them into the middle of your disagreements, and this won’t do you any favors in court. Keep an open line of communication with your ex-spouse, and don’t just shuttle messages back and forth through the children.

Also remember that a visitation exchange is not a date. Leave your significant other out of the equation, unless you’re married or engaged. This can be extremely uncomfortable and stressful for children.

And above all, be flexible and willing to compromise. Always work with your ex-spouse for the sake of the children.

Good luck with your visitation exchange. And for legal help from a trusted domestic law professional, you can always count on the Law Office of David Bach.