Talking To Your Kids About Divorce

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Divorce – Talking to your kid,Washington Area

When a couple decides that it’s time to divorce, one of the hardest things to do is sit down with their children and tell them the news. While divorce is painful for the parents involved, learning that both parents are no longer living together can be extremely difficult for children to take too. If you’re speaking with your children about your divorce or answering any subsequent questions they may have about how they fit into the equation, take a look at our pointers below.

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Things are changing

It’s important that children know that things are changing. But they don’t need to hear you play the blame game regarding your spouse. Keep your negative feelings to yourself. It won’t do kids any good to get caught up in your hurt. Also stress that the divorce is not their fault. With such limited world experience, small children often think everything is about them, which causes them to blame themselves for the split.

And emphasize that things may be hard at the beginning, but everything will work out okay. Kids are resilient, and within two years, most have completely recovered from parents’ divorces.

We will always be here for you

The main thing is to show and tell children that both parents will love them forever and that both will remain an active part of their lives. No matter how much you dislike your ex-spouse, your child needs both parents, and you should both make being there for your kids a top priority.

With these simple tips, you can help ease the transition into divorce for you child. And to make the process as easy as possible for yourself, call the Law Office of David Bach today.