Types of Child Custody in Maryland

child custody,Family LawIn our experience helping Maryland families navigate divorce, determining child custody can be the hardest part for parents. Making arrangements regarding when parents can see their children is difficult. And agreeing on a plan about how decisions for the children will be made can be just as taxing. In Maryland, two types of custody must be determined – physical custody and legal custody.

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Legal Custody

Legal custody determines how important decisions for your children are made. Examples of these decisions are the religion in which your children are raised and where they attend school.

When a parent is granted sole legal custody, he or she has complete decision-making control where the children are concerned. However, since courts generally like to allow both parents decision-making power, being granted sole custody is rare. This option is usually reserved for extreme cases, including mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, and abusive relationships.

The more common option is for parents to be awarded joint legal custody. Joint legal custody gives both parents the chance to weigh in on important decisions for their children.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to the schedule in place dictating when children live with each parent. Schedules for different families may vary widely due to a number of factors. The locations of both parents compared to children’s schools can determine when children are able to live where. Typically, there is a regular schedule and a holiday schedule to ensure that children spend adequate time with both parents.

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