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The MAPS Meeting

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My child has an IEP/504 Plan and is moving from middle school to high school. How is the new school going to know what my child’s needs are? When your child matriculates from elementary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school, parents have the opportunity to participate in what is referred…

Types of Child Custody in Maryland

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In our experience helping Maryland families navigate divorce, determining child custody can be the hardest part for parents. Making arrangements regarding when parents can see their children is difficult. And agreeing on a plan about how decisions for the children will be made can be just as taxing. In Maryland, two types of custody must…

What is Collaborative Divorce?

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Collaborative divorce is a cooperative team approach to divorce that is gaining followers among the growing number of people who are seeking a more compassionate, less divisive alternative to the traditional adversarial approach to divorce. Rather than opposing each other in a courtroom where a judge determines how property and financial assets will be divided,…