Stephanie A.

A Phenomenal Lawyer

I am so grateful that I was referred to David Bach.  He is a phenomenal lawyer.  Mr. Bach defended me when my son’s father filed a motion to modify custody and sought sole legal and exclusive physical custody.  This was major blow after over a decade of co-parenting.  Thanks to Mr. Bach’s expertise, he was able get to the heart of the case.  After two days of trial I was awarded equal shared physical custody of my son.  Which result was absolutely in my son’s best interests.

My case was drawn out.  The father’s lawyer seemed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the case.  Mr. Bach was able to keep our efforts above board by relying on his expert understanding of the law.  He was able to explain everything to me in a language that I could understand, and gave me extremely well informed advice.

Although I wouldn’t wish custody litigation on anyone, if you have to go through a case like this you want David Bach on your side.

Stephanie A.a Custody client