Professional Skills and Personal Guidance

Dear David,

I wanted you to know how much your care and concern in handling my case meant to me.  I expect by default, no divorce fully turns out like one wants.  However, thanks to your professional skills and personal guidance I was able to maintain a sense of control in tow of the most significant and life changing events I have faced, my divorce and the contest of custody for my children.

Through your direction and focus of my struggle you helped keep me and my daughters together.  Your ability to listen to the facts of my case and understand my personal needs is in my view what allowed you to obtain the outcome I sought.  Furthermore, your thoroughness in collecting and analyzing the supporting facts on my custody, and ensuring they were recognized and properly considered by the court and custody evaluator was fundamental in completing our success.

Funny, but when I hired you I didn’t fully understand your role as an attorney.  While working with you I came to recognize you as a man who would provide me legal
representation, advice, personal management skills, strategy, paper work collection, a, data analysis, counseling, and reason.  Still of the many skills you showed, I selected you to represent me because I felt I could talk to you and you would listen and respect my position as a father and not simply as a client.  Thank you mostly for guiding me and being available to me in my time of need.

Thank you Dave.

Michaela Divorce client