Putting Together a Good Case

I don’t think people who experience divorce for the first time are aware of the time, effort and procedures which are involved with putting together a good case, and know even less about the laws in Maryland which apply. I went through a very complicated divorce which included custody and facing the prospect of having to pay indefinite alimony. Having David Bach as my attorney, a person who can see the bigger picture, prioritize tasks and employ strategy; this is what navigated me through my divorce He settled my case which included a very favorable custody outcome and capped the alimony to a fixed number of years.

Mr. Bach always made sure I knew where I stood at each milestone of the process. He explained every option available and also what risks were associated with those options. David is strategic in everything that he does. He reads others very well and is discerning in his actions. He took the time to explain the law as it applied to my case and I never felt like I was in the dark.

What struck me most about working with him, beyond his experience and professionalism, was the amount of respect the court and other attorneys have for him. Among those I interacted with throughout my divorce and other legal proceedings from clerks, judges, other attorneys and even opposing council; it was clear he has an outstanding reputation for both his work and his ethics.

BenjaminA Protective Order, Divorce and Custody Client