Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Divorce Proceedings

divorce  attorney, help,MediationSome clients are glued to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. What many don’t know is that their postings can be potentially disastrous to their divorce proceedings. Don’t damage your day in divorce court. Read on to learn how to be smart about social media during your divorce.

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Don’t over share

While it’s good to use social media to stay connected, online friends and followers don’t need to know everything about you. And anything you tell them can be used against you during your divorce. Creating a profile on, changing your relationship status to single, and posting romantic photos with new love interests are all examples of inappropriate online behaviors that can look badly upon you in court.

Child custody has even come into question as a result of social media. Hostile posts aimed at soon-to-be ex-spouses or photos of parents engaging in careless or risky behaviors could be enough to affect your custody or visitation rights.

And many people unintentionally disclose information about their financial assets by posting pictures on Facebook or completing profiles that are ultimately damaging to their divorce cases.

Social media and divorce by the numbers

Just how prevalent is using information from social media sites during divorce proceedings? Over 80% of lawyers who are members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers have used evidence from social media sites. And Facebook is the most likely to get you in trouble, as 66% of divorce evidence gathered online comes from this site.

Luckily, by being mindful and taking actions like changing all of your settings to private, never discussing your divorce online, and disabling location settings, you can avoid social media snafus during your divorce.

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