Creating a Parenting Plan

Divorce, Alimony, Child SupportIf you’re a parent facing divorce, one of your most pressing concerns is what will happen regarding your children when you split from your spouse. If you’re able to sit down and work with your spouse to create a parenting plan you can both agree on, you’ll have a much easier time getting the custody arrangement you want. Learn what you should consider when thinking about custody arrangements below.

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Who makes the decisions

Typically when parents share joint custody, both parents are able to make decisions about what’s best for the children. Common decision-making areas to consider include medical decisions, like the protocol to follow when emergency medical care is needed, and how information is handled. For example, which parent (if not both) will get copies of report cards or health and immunization records.

However, disagreements are bound to arise, just as they would with married parents. So a sound parenting plan should also address what happens should you and your ex disagree. This conflict-resolution clause may involve soliciting the advice of a court mediator if an agreement can’t be reached.

Creating flexibility

If you and your spouse are working together to make a workable parenting plan, leave room for a little flexibility. Leaving wiggle room when it comes to pick-up and drop-off times, swapping visitation days, and making allowances so kids can participate in extra-curricular activities will go a long way in maintaining a civil relationship with your soon-to-be ex and helping to raise well-rounded kids.

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