I trusted him to ensure my best interests

David Bach helped me through my divorce. He made what was unbearable, bearable. Dave was my shield in times where I was so unsure. When I was stressed and worried about what was on the road ahead, he took the time to explain to me the meanings behind the legal processes and what our plan of action would be. Many times he would say “we” or “our” about my case and it made me confident he was on my side and would watch out for me. He was my voice in the legal proceedings and I trusted him to ensure my best interests were always being sought. I highly recommend David Bach, he will help you through the difficulties you face!

KarenDivorce Case

Attentive and Responsive to all my questions

Don’t hesitate to enlist the professional services of David Bach. I hired him to help me with some complicated guardianship issues involving my minor children. He has extensive experience dealing with the intricacies of guardianship cases and was thorough, attentive and responsive to all my questions. Because my particular case raised some unusual questions, David went out of his way to consult colleagues and to seek out other opinions before advising me how best to proceed. Most of all, David really took the time to listen to my concerns as we moved through each stage of my case. I highly recommend David Bach for your guardianship needs. He truly cares about his work and the people affected in his cases.

AnnieGuardianship case

Extremely Complicated Guardianship Case

My brother and I worked with David Bach on an adult guardianship case involving another brother. The situation was very emotionally charged, and Mr. Bach was always very empathetic and sensitive to our needs. Even more important was that the case, in the view of the judge and a court-appointed investigator, was extremely complicated, and Mr. Bach was able to navigate through a variety of unusual circumstances. I was very satisfied with the outcome, which protected my brother. I would recommend Mr. Bach to anyone looking for creativity, empathy, and success.

Susan DGuardianship case

Putting Together a Good Case

I don’t think people who experience divorce for the first time are aware of the time, effort and procedures which are involved with putting together a good case, and know even less about the laws in Maryland which apply. I went through a very complicated divorce which included custody and facing the prospect of having to pay indefinite alimony. Having David Bach as my attorney, a person who can see the bigger picture, prioritize tasks and employ strategy; this is what navigated me through my divorce He settled my case which included a very favorable custody outcome and capped the alimony to a fixed number of years.

Mr. Bach always made sure I knew where I stood at each milestone of the process. He explained every option available and also what risks were associated with those options. David is strategic in everything that he does. He reads others very well and is discerning in his actions. He took the time to explain the law as it applied to my case and I never felt like I was in the dark.

What struck me most about working with him, beyond his experience and professionalism, was the amount of respect the court and other attorneys have for him. Among those I interacted with throughout my divorce and other legal proceedings from clerks, judges, other attorneys and even opposing council; it was clear he has an outstanding reputation for both his work and his ethics.

BenjaminA Protective Order, Divorce and Custody Client

Everything turned out well

I just want to say thank you for all the legal advice you have given me these past several months. Before my first appointment to see you, I admit to being a little uneasy. After our meeting I felt much better, and was comfortable talking to you about my divorce issues and procedures. I am glad to say everything turned out very well and again, I appreciate all that you have done.

DMa Divorce client

Top Level

Dave is a top level attorney, very professional and responsive.


Kind and Supportive

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with David through my divorce. Though I wouldn’t wish the experience of divorce on anyone, I would highly recommend anyone going through it to contact David. Without any judgment and with the desire to understand the details of my scenario, he truly listened to my concerns every step of the way, then he ardently problem-solved and advocated on my behalf.  He was patient in answering my questions and providing insight into variables I wouldn’t have thought to consider. He was kind and supportive throughout. He became my trusted partner through one of the hardest challenges I’ve experienced.

Erina Divorce client

Outstanding and gracious attorney

I was struggling with my divorce case, when I contacted Mr. Bach, he was quick to jump in to assist me with my paperwork, ensuring that all was correct. He saved me much grief and stress. Mr. Bach is kind, thoughtful and caring. He is a lifesaver. Thank you. Anne

Annea Divorce client

Exceptional Understanding of the Law

My experience with Atty. David Bach has been one of “Professional Perfection”. Within one month of being introduced to his expertise, my case was solved just the way it was strategized! I recommend him to anyone that is having legal family affairs needing an advocate with exceptional understanding of the law to protect you. Thank you Atty. Bach and continued success.

Kevin Taylor

Smart, diligent, thorough, and fair

David has been a close friend and my attorney for a very long time.  He is a great attorney and an even better person.  Smart, diligent, thorough, and fair.  I have put an important part of my life in his hands and would not want to work with anyone else.  If you are reading this and would ever want to talk to me about his services, I am always available.

Howard Beloff

I would highly recommend

My experience with Mr. Bach has been great. He has shown time over time during my “situation” with my ex-wife and child, that he is really trying to help my son. He truly does seem to be working in the child’s best Interest. I would highly recommend Mr. Bach to anyone that needs help with a family or custody issue.

Mark Harringtona Custody client

A Phenomenal Lawyer

I am so grateful that I was referred to David Bach.  He is a phenomenal lawyer.  Mr. Bach defended me when my son’s father filed a motion to modify custody and sought sole legal and exclusive physical custody.  This was major blow after over a decade of co-parenting.  Thanks to Mr. Bach’s expertise, he was able get to the heart of the case.  After two days of trial I was awarded equal shared physical custody of my son.  Which result was absolutely in my son’s best interests.

My case was drawn out.  The father’s lawyer seemed to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the case.  Mr. Bach was able to keep our efforts above board by relying on his expert understanding of the law.  He was able to explain everything to me in a language that I could understand, and gave me extremely well informed advice.

Although I wouldn’t wish custody litigation on anyone, if you have to go through a case like this you want David Bach on your side.

Stephanie A.a Custody client

Cared about My Well Being

David is an amazing attorney who not only represented me well in my divorce but also cared about my well being and that of my children. He gave me wise and timely counsel throughout the process ensuring I had the evidence I needed to proceed. While the court testimony could have gotten very negative and very graphic, David represented me in a very dignified manner that respected everyone involved in the case. I would recommend David to anyone who is in the uncomfortable place of divorce.

Thank you David!

Heathera Divorce client

Special treatment

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the work that you and your staff did for me and my fiancée with her case.  The way you handled [her] case made us both feel confident and assured that we made the correct choice in choosing you as [her] attorney. We were both made to feel that we were being given special treatment by you and your staff. We are also very appreciative for the assistance with payment for our case.  Once again we both thank you.


Harold Collins and Carole Gaza Ndayaa Divorce client

David Truly Cares

David handled my divorce and I can’t praise him enough for the successful outcome of my case. His knowledge and ability to think outside the box is paying dividends to me for many years to come. It was very apparent to me that David truly cares about his clients and will do what it take to make it a successful experience.

Kena Divorce client

Clear, Concise and Responsive

No one wants to need a divorce attorney, but if you find yourself in that unfortunate position, then the attorney to have on your side is David Bach. In my rather muddled situation, he was clear, concise, responsive, and available.

I was very, very fortunate to have him as my attorney.

Judya Divorce client

Understanding and Honorable

David Bach was my attorney for my divorce case. I found him to not only be knowledgeable in his field, but felt he gave more than 100%. His approach was kind, understanding and honorable. I felt I was not just another case, but that he was truly concerned for my well-being as well as the outcome of the case. For any future family law concerns I would turn to Mr. Bach again.

Alice L.a Divorce client

Good Conclusion of Case

David has represented me twice now. I feel he listened to me needs and that we arrived at a good end in my divorce and custody settlements. I recommend him especially if you want to try to come to an end point that all can live with and not just knock heads.

Johna Child Support client

Dedicated and Experienced

David Bach is very dedicated, experienced and professional lawyer. He gave my case time and attention it required to accomplished it successfully. I was so impressed with the organization of his works while providing me with highly responsive legal representation. Best of all he brought my life back…my two children.I can’t ask for more, he is truly a great lawyer!

Percy B.a Family client

He Was About My Best Interests

Mr. Bach handled my divorce. He made every effort to make sure that my best interests were attorney-client experience during such a trying time.

Ben Papea Divorce client

Thorough Divorce Agreement

Deciding to divorce the father of my child was the hardest thing I ever did.  I have worked in the legal industry for many years and everyone had a recommendation for a ‘good divorce lawyer’.  I did some research on each recommendation and then met with two; one being David Bach.  When I met David I was at the lowest point in my life and didn’t know how to look up.  He assured me that we were in this together to do whatever would be in the best interest of my daughter.  And we did.  My spouse wouldn’t agree to any point in any agreement so the divorce dragged out for a L-O-N-G time.  No matter how long it had been, whenever I called/emailed David, he responded; with a thought out response to whatever the issue at questions was.  We put in all kinds of provisions in the custody agreement due to my ex-spouse’s contentious nature.  After 3 years now, each time the ex and I have a disagreement about the care of our daughter I remind him (and myself) “let’s look at the custody agreement, I’m sure this has been negotiated already.” I have not come across an issue yet that had not been negotiated with the other attorney and hammered out by
David.  That’s a ‘good divorce lawyer’.  He had the foresight to fight the battle before we got there.  I have more than once overheard my daughter tell her friends ‘it’s so much better now that they are divorced. I get the best of them’.

Karen Lamannaa Divorce client

Honest and Available

David Bach was an excellent attorney.  He really understood my issues regarding my case and worked hard to give me the best possible outcome.  He was always honest with me and available when I needed him   He was smart and offered very good strategies in handling my case.  He also was very attuned to the bottom line, doing what needed to be done to get the case resolved with the best possible outcome for me and at the lowest possible cost.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed his services and and I have.

David Goldmana Divorce client

Compassionate and Attentive

David Bach represented me throughout divorce proceedings that were finalized in January 2007. David was referred to me as someone who is professional, thorough, diligent, and attentive.   I learned that David possesses all of those characteristic, but also he exhibits a quality not found in many law practitioner…’compassion.’  David is not only compassionate toward his client’s circumstances, but also to all parties affected by the proceedings.  I was particularly impressed by his concern and focus for the welfare of the children.  Unfortunately, circumstances in life sometimes take us on a path were we did not expect to travel.  However, if that is to happen, I would highly recommend David Bach to help navigate that road for you.

Michael B.a Divorce client

Professional Skills and Personal Guidance

Dear David,

I wanted you to know how much your care and concern in handling my case meant to me.  I expect by default, no divorce fully turns out like one wants.  However, thanks to your professional skills and personal guidance I was able to maintain a sense of control in tow of the most significant and life changing events I have faced, my divorce and the contest of custody for my children.

Through your direction and focus of my struggle you helped keep me and my daughters together.  Your ability to listen to the facts of my case and understand my personal needs is in my view what allowed you to obtain the outcome I sought.  Furthermore, your thoroughness in collecting and analyzing the supporting facts on my custody, and ensuring they were recognized and properly considered by the court and custody evaluator was fundamental in completing our success.

Funny, but when I hired you I didn’t fully understand your role as an attorney.  While working with you I came to recognize you as a man who would provide me legal
representation, advice, personal management skills, strategy, paper work collection, a, data analysis, counseling, and reason.  Still of the many skills you showed, I selected you to represent me because I felt I could talk to you and you would listen and respect my position as a father and not simply as a client.  Thank you mostly for guiding me and being available to me in my time of need.

Thank you Dave.

Michaela Divorce client

Perfect Lawyer

… This is wonderful news..!!  And, yes, we did do it.  You were the perfect lawyer for me because you kept me from doing things that I would later regret, and that would serve no purpose other than to increase your bill.  Thank you very much.

Todd Brenemana Divorce client

Professional and Prepared

While divorce is not pleasant, you made it manageable, and for that, I offer my sincere thanks.

Your explanation of the process was clear and concise.  Furthermore, you prepared me for each step in the procedure, so I was aware of what might occur.

You were sensitive to my concerns, always professional, and yet when appropriate, used a bit of humor to mitigate the stressful nature of divorce.

Again, thank you for your pleasant professionalism during a very trying time for me.

Judy Pearcea Divorce client


Dave listened, explained, and encouraged me through the worst time of my life.


Professional and Helpful

David was very professional and helpful during a very trying time. He showed great confidence and guided us through every step in the process. We wouldn’t hesitate to call upon his services again if needed.

Marya Family client

Outstanding Job in Court

David takes a very laid back approach which I found very calming in the midst of such a contentious divorce. He always advised me to take the high road in my case which ultimately enabled me to get out of my divorce what was important to me. He always kept me informed as to what was happening and always looked for ways to reduce my costs, if possible. If there was something he didn’t know, he freely admitted it and researched the answer. Overall, he was very easy and comforting to work with and really did an outstanding job in court.

Davida Divorce client

A Fantastic Lawyer

I was thrilled with Mr. Bach’s representation for my divorce. He kept me informed on all potential legal obstacles and guided me through a very difficult and confusing process. He was part advocate, part mediator, and part confidant. I could not recommend him any higher. I had every confidence that he was on the ball, had my best interests at heart, and could anticipate and avoid any possible pitfall. Thanks to Mr. Bach I am a divorced father who has full physical custody of all 4 of my children. That would not have happened without him.

Dana Divorce client

A Good Lawyer

David is a very good lawyer. He helped me obtain everything I needed in my matter. He fought for me to be the beneficiary of the matters always making sure i knew what was in my best interest and the whole time he was right. I WOULD USE HIM AGAIN IN THE FUTURE!

Chrisa Divorce client

Best Results Possible

I had David help me with my divorce, which happened to be greatly complicated as the opposite side raised quite a few issues. Due to the special circumstances of the case, David had only a few days to prepare from scratch for a three day trial. He was able to grasp all the intricate details of the case and put together great arguments working to a very tight schedule. This was impressive. It demonstrates great intellectual abilities and willingness to work hard on the case. Besides, David’s performance in the courtroom was exceptional. He delivered his arguments in a very efficient way, sticking to the facts, and in a civil manner. Speaking from my experience, this attorney will put his best efforts and talents in preparation of the case, and throughout the trial. He will get the best results possible given whatever circumstances.

Francis K.a Divorce client

Clear and Concise

Dave provided assistance with my separation. He took special care to understand my situation and provided a separation agreement that was clear, concise, and legally binding. He helped be through a difficult time; his combination of professional skills and personal interaction made this process effective.

Davea Divorce client

Stellar Attorney

Mr. Bach was a very impressive lawyer. He was extremely helpful with all of our legal concerns and patient as he worked us through some complicated matters that were crucial to our family. Without his guidance and perseverance our family would not be together. I recommend him as a very stellar attorney. Three out of three stars!

Russella Guardianship client

Sympathetic and Knowledgeable

Working with David Bach was the best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney. Going through a divorce was really hard and David not only listened to me, he was sympathetic and knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process never leaving me to feel uncertain about what was happening. He presented me with information and let me make my informed decisions. I would recommend him highly to anyone having to walk through this painful process.

Katherinea Divorce client